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Buy & Sell Textbooks with Classmates on your Campus!BBCampus App - "A Match-maker for students to buy and sell textbooks on campus"
Student Seller - Post a book and Accept the orderStudent Buyer - Find and Order a bookSeller and Buyer - Chat and Meet on Campus then Deal and Review
BBCampus is revolutionizing the textbook market on campuses all across the country! It is a match-maker for students to buy and sell textbooks on campus. Register for an account, choose your campus or campuses, and you are ready to go!
As a buyer, you can easily find postings for the textbook you need by scanning ISBN barcode or searching for keywords. Choose among sellers for the right price, condition and available time, place the order, and then wait for the seller’s response.
As a seller, you can post your used textbooks, set a market price according to the condition, and then wait for fellow classmates to find your book and place the order.
After an order is accepted, buyer and seller can enter their private chat room to set up a time and place to meet on campus. For students, this is an excellent opportunity to meet your classmates, exchange tips and make new friends! Can’t find the place? No worries, our location sharing function makes finding each other super easy. Like the buyer/seller? Give him/her a five-star review.
Save $$$ off those sky-high listing prices for textbooks! Unlike other booksellers who pay pennies to buy back used textbooks and sell at huge markups, BBCampus put savings and profits all in students’ hands. It is a platform for all students who need to buy textbooks or have textbooks to sell.